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Adoption Resources

International Adoption Resources

Medical Referral Program

When you review a child's file, you are often under a deadline. With the Medical Referral Program, we've done the work for you; we've selected physicians so you do not have to waste precious time finding a medical expert. The Medical Referral Program is designed to give you peace of mind. Learn More →

Financial Assistance

Check out our GWCA/CAN Fundraising Packet that's full of adoption resources and financial assistance! Learn More →

US Citizenship & Immigration Services

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. Learn More →

Military Adoption

There is a one-time subsidy program available for full-time military personnel. Currently, adopting couples or singles can receive up to $2,000 per child or $5,000 maximum for siblings. Learn More →

Resources for Americans Living Abroad

Founded in 1980, the National Council For Adoption (NCFA) is an adoption advocacy nonprofit that promotes a culture of adoption through education, research, and legislative action. Learn More →

Re-Adoption Laws by State

Information on the re-adoption & finalization process, reasons to readopt, and situations when re-adoption is required. Learn More →

Post Adoption Resources

The CONNECT Program

The CONNECT Program was created to help children who have previously been adopted into a home where the family and/or child were unable to adjust and move forward together as a healthy family. Our first step in working with families in the CONNECT program is to help provide the family resources to avoid a disruption or dissolution. Learn More →

Re-adoption (Finalization)

Many families make the journey abroad to receive their child and finalize the adoption in the child's country of origin. While these are the crucial steps of an adoption, it is also very important for a family to re-adopt their child in the United States. Learn More →

When Adoption Dissolution Occurs

Disruption or dissolution is something that no one involved with an adoption wants to happen, and much has been written about the prevention of this occurrence. The reality is that some adoptive families, despite years of effort and multiple and varied interventions, find themselves unable to remain together as a functioning family. A small yet increasing number of these families seek dissolution as a result of the relational and functional crises their family faces. Learn More →

Homeland & Heritage Tours

Homeland Tours is a unique opportunity for you and your adopted child to discover the culture and ancient history of his or her birth country together. Learn More →

Center for Adoption Support and Education

The Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.) strengthens the well-being of foster and adoptive families, promotes adoption awareness, enhances adoption sensitivity, and develops the skills for professionals and families to empower children to thrive. Learn More →

Post Adoption Articles

No. 71: Love and Attachment in Adoption

In the May 2014 National Foster Care Month issue of NCFA's Adoption Advocate, co-authors Dr. Robert White and Samantha Jernstrom explain the importance of maintaining sibling connections for youth in foster care. Research has shown that these connections can have a profound impact on the wellbeing of children in foster care. When sibling co-placement and the preservation of sibling groups is not possible, every effort should be made to help youth in care maintain strong, healthy, and supportive relationships with their brothers and sisters. Learn More →

No. 68: Love and Attachment in Adoption

Many families considering adoption wonder about what life will be like if they adopt a child, and their capacity to care and provide for that child-particularly if she or he is older, has experienced neglect or trauma, or has special needs. In the February 2014 issue of NCFA's Adoption Advocate, "Will I Love Her?": Love and Attachment in Adoption, Dr. Daniel Nehrbass shares his personal thoughts and reflections about the capacity for and characteristics of parental love. Learn More →

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