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Training for any adoption from Africa including adoptions from Burundi, Ethiopia, the DRC, Uganda, Ghana and more.

New Adopting from Africa Countries: Complete Course Package

This training package provides specific information about adopting from African countries as well as Hague required topics for international adoption.

Adopting from African Countries

This course will provide families with 2 hours of Hague Parent Education Training. The objective of this course is to provide families with in-depth information related to adopting a child from Africa. The course will touch on the specifics of Burundi, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Ghana. It will address common issues and questions such as effects of malnutrition and other common medical issues and diseases, why children are abandoned or orphaned in Africa, and cultural considerations when raising a child from Africa. Upon review of this course, families will complete a brief Q and A in order to receive a course completion certificate.

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