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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to register for to fulfill the Hague requirements?

The online courses included in our course packages meet all Hague standards and satisfy the training requirement for adoptive parents. Please note, some countries require additional hours outside of the 10 hours. Contact your placing agency for the specific courses that you may need. Click here to contact Hague Training Online.

How do I register for the courses?

You may purchase courses in packages or individually. You may enroll in the desired course or courses by clicking this registration link which will bring you to a page to enter your information.

Can I stop the course at anytime and continue later?

Yes, you can go back to the course at any time to continue by going to "available courses" under the tab labeled with your full name. Please remember your password is valid for 90 days. You will need to complete your courses in this time.

How do I receive my certificate of completion?

You must complete the course and take a short test at the end of the course to receive your certificate. Once you review all content for the course you will be instructed to take a short test. To take the test, click on the “go to next chapter” located at the bottom right of the page. Once you complete the test, you will receive an email with a link to your certificate.  Or you may go to the "completed courses" section and click "download certificate."

How do I obtain my certificate through the course site?

You can save and open your certificate at any time for any completed course by going to “completed courses”, under the tab labeled with your full name. Click the "download certificate" link and you can either open and print or save the certificate to your computer.

Can I review the content of a course after completion?

Yes, you can go back to the course for review of content by going to "completed courses" under the tab labeled with your full name and select "review course" for the course you wish to review. This will take you to a web page with the entire content, test results and certificate for saving or printing. You may access this for 3 months from the time of enrollment. Your password will expire after three months.

Are the children on your site available for adoption?

The use of photos of the children on our website is granted with the permission of the legal guardian/parent. Each child in these photos has been placed with a family, and is therefore, not available for placement. In order to protect the privacy of children, Great Wall China Adoption and Children of All Nations does not post photos of children waiting to be adopted.
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